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Borrowed Light

6 years ago
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The last patron of an abandoned observatory takes on an impossible task to show the surrounding city something incredible. A short animation about conflicting existences, natural wonders, and petty theft on a grand scale.

Director/Animator: Olivia HUYNH
Animation Assistant: Juliana CHEN
Sound Design: Lachlan HARRIS
Music: Joseph BARRATT

Song in Nightclub: 'Ja Mann!' by Edu K (

Tools: Adobe Creative Suite, AnimDessin Pluggin for Photoshop CS6

Official selection at Animation Block Party 2013
Official selection at Sweaty Eyeballs Festival 2013
Official selection at Animateka Elephant International Children's Competition Programme 2013
Official selection and winner of Best Tactical Urbanism Short Film at New Urbanism Film Festival 2013
Winner of Dark Sky Defender Award 2013 through International Dark-Sky Association
Winner of Best 2D Animation & Audience Favorite at Jalloo Festival 2013
Official selection at Beloit International Film Festival 2014
Official selection at La Scatola Blu 2013
Finalist for Film Skillet winter 2013/2014 animation contest
Official selection at NYICFF 2014
Winner of Best Student Film at NW Animation Festival 2014
Official selection at Supertoon Festival 2014

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